Pim Permpoolsombat, born in 1995.


My sensory is activated while colors touch the canvas. Art is a very expressive way to represent part of me. Flowing limbs, empty thoughts, overwhelmed heart; All together composes visible forms of emotions.

Behind the paintings, shadows of imperfection and irregularity influence the organic Methodology throughout processes, as much value as the finished product. The visual aesthetic has the potential to encourage the viewer’s sensibility without any constraint.

The absent-minded dreaming moves each brushstroke to many layers of light and translucency,

naturally compensating with moments of consideration. The fairness of complication and simplicity is to be seen thought the varied traces of techniques and materials.

As a self-taught artist, I experience the enchanting and soulful moments by making art in a very flexible way, and I would love to invite the others to fall into this magical reverie as I do.


International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA)


Whitesensory a conversation between imagery abstraction and poetic translation (solo exhibition), Bangkok, Thailand, 2022.

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